A Quest

It is always fun to undertake projects with friends. I was just out looking for an apartment with a work colleague. She needed a second opinion as she is rather indecisive. I was happy to help. We looked for what seemed like ages on end with no luck. There were a lot of options but they were either the wrong size, a bad part of town, too expensive or offered few community amenities. The perfect place was not yet in view. She had told me of her extreme desire for a strategic ceiling fan. She remembered that her family had one in the sun porch when she was a child. She loved watching it turn with vigor in the air as it generated a cooling indoor breeze. It fascinated her and she has wanted one of her own ever since. I was happy to help her find the right place in her new abode.

This helped us narrow down the choices. Not all lent themselves to this look. It got to the point where we started wondering whether ceiling fans were still on trend. I thought so, but I could be wrong. Maybe they have gone out of style and we didn’t get the memo – but this blog doesn’t think they have – https://www.ceilingfanchoice.com/ceiling-fans-style/. It became a real quest. We hoped to find one already installed but I was willing to help her get it done by a handyman. The landlord would have to agree which is not an easy task. Most nowadays don’t want major changes done to their units. Nevertheless, I agreed that she was on track in her decision.

At least we got lucky. We found a wonderful spacious apartment with big picture windows. There was a lovely view of a verdant garden. It was the idea place for a ceiling fan. It would make for a casual environment and my friend could choose the style of her dreams. She wanted a traditional unit with a pull chain as in the “old days.” She wanted blond wood with a glossy stain and a brass central light fixture that would work on a wall dimmer. There was no fan already in this great apartment, but the landlord was happen to oblige. All she had to do was select one and bring it over and his handyman would install it in a jiffy. We were both ecstatic and our quest had been fulfilled.

At her open house, many people commented on the ceiling fan and how it enlivened the space. It worked perfectly with her new rattan and cloth furniture and the area rugs on the wood floors. It was apparently a real decorating coup. I guess I was on-trend after all when I agreed that it would be a great choice. It is nice to find out that you are not totally misguided. I brought a huge potted palm to the housewarming party which fit the mood of the room. I got a gift in return for all my time spend on the quest.