Self-Taught Bartender

Have you ever suddenly experienced a crazy desire to do something outlandish and new? Well, I have. For some unknown reason, I decided I wanted to learn to be a certified bartender for myself and friends. It would mean more parties, great socializing, and all kinds of fun. Everything I know comes from the Internet so why not all the recipes for the hottest mixed drinks. There are literally hundreds of them from the old standbys like Cosmopolitans and Manhattans to the newer trendy raspberry daiquiris and pineapple margaritas. You can amuse yourself for hours once you get all the equipment and necessary ingredients from the alcohol and liqueurs to the bottled olives and cherries. Lemons, oranges, and limes must be forever on hand. Yes, I am going to do all the fancy garnishes. Soon I will be able to concoct my own specialties. I have seen this done every day on the food network. I guess all the housewives watching like to nip a little.

If you have the same calling, there are plenty of explainer videos that tell you how to pour from the well, different bottle opening tricks, and the like. You can learn anything from slicing pretty lemon wedges to making your own ice. For example, place a piece of fruit in each compartment of your ice tray and fill with vodka. Use them to chill mixed drinks for a pop of flavor. They look great and are a good party conversation piece. It’s going to take some time to learn so many things so I will start with the top ten mixed drinks first and move on from there as time permits. I even need to know some mundane stuff like the proper temperature for beer (the answer is here) and how to set a wine refrigerator dual temperature unit.

Friends are fascinated and ask me so many questions. I am a source of tips for everyone in my circle and I am not even that knowledgeable yet. I am trying to speed up the process as a result of all the attention. I am trying to put off the big reveal party just a bit longer so I will have a larger stable of drinks. I got an idea on line to get a little chalkboard and place it on the mobile bar listing the specialties of the day. Whether the party is inside or out, this little display will set the right tone for the festivities. No need to worry about making some obscure drink someone requests to be ornery. He or she would not be invited back if he asks for a Moscow Mule or White Russian. I haven’t gotten there just yet.\

I am anxious to show my technique and bartender mannerisms. I am not sure what that means but I think it means being confident about your process and also very chatty. Isn’t that the right stereotype? I think it already suits my nature.