A Better Obstacle Course

A new subject and a new blog today. I have to report a really different way to entertain friends that all of you readers might want to try. When I started to run out of ideas for some garden fun, I sat and thought long and hard. My brother was watching a soccer game on TV and it hit me. Why don’t I construct an entertaining—and silly—obstacle course in my backyard? The theme would be household objects only. I began to look around and invited some close friends to join me on the hunt. I have seen a few such courses on Internet videos and wanted mine to be unique, something not encountered by anyone before. Not that I have been to any such events myself. To add to the mix, I collected some old sporting equipment found in the garage, some soccer gear used by my brother in his younger days when he was on a youth team including what he was very keen to tell me were the best cleats for soccer when he bought them. These pieces added a lot more to the course than small appliances because they are more visual and interesting. As we were placing a speed and agility ladder on the lawn in between some shin guards and a hurdle that had seen better days. I promised to return them intact, but he assured me there would be no need.

Meanwhile the course design was taking shape and looking good. It was going to be great fun, especially watching people leaping over the hurdle. I have to remember not to set it too high. We planned to film everyone so they could look at the video for posterity. It would make great fodder for YouTube. Let the games begin! Let the best man or woman win.

Having finished my part of the deal, the big day arrived and participants trickled in two by two around 2:00pm. We were serving a delicious barbecued chicken lunch with your choice of beverage. To loosen people up, we offered beer, wine and cocktails. I invented one out of mango juice and vodka mixed with a bit of vermouth and I called it the “soccer special.” All it needed was a little ice for the hot summer afternoon. We drank it by the gallon. I had to hold off the obstacle course so I could make more. It was a hysterical time for all as people tripped over the most mundane items that seemed to obscure their way. A few weren’t courageous enough to jump over the hurdle but they were game to try the ladder. A few of my male friends had trained for soccer and recognized all the gear.

Next time I will have to get even more creative to top this success. My friends like my tradition of backyard parties and there is always something to do other than eat and drink. It is always about competitive games with this adventurous group. We are all good spirited and young at heart.