So I’m Not Big on Sports…

I am getting to know a new friend who I met a few weeks ago. We go everywhere together and I am learning his interests and special places. While we have done to death the movie dinner thing, we are now into sports. He happens to play basketball on a proficient local team. All the family and friends of the players sit in the bleachers to cheer team on since there are no cheerleaders present. We make enough noise on our own to spur the team into action. Recently, a tournament was in progress and it was a very important game. My friend was concerned as he had twisted his ankle and needed to wear a an ankle brace. I had never seen one before, so I did a quick search and found this blog about them – I was not that big on sports before meeting him and now I am pretty much a dutiful sideliner.

While I try to have the right spirit and scream as loud as anyone after every shot, especially one made by him, I can’t resist posting during a game. Not knowing the rules and special plays, I just guess at what is special and what is a mundane performance. I suppose I will learn in time. I send texts and emails and also include photos taken with my trusty cell phone always within reach. This is how I get into the game, by sharing it with others. So, I’m not that big on sports! Give me a break. I didn’t grow up with brothers. My father never cared about making me a substitute boy. Most girls learn in this way, by shooting hoops in the driveway with family. Not me.

But here I am in the stands watching my friend do his thing and he is rather good. That much I can tell. In spite of the brace, he is really a superb basketball player. After the game, I praised him to the skies. He was pleased that I was interested enough to comment. He went on and on about the plays, the top players, and how he felt he had done. I listened attentively. When he was finished, I asked how it felt to wear the ankle brace and he explained its function. It provides support for a weak joint when you need it and prevents repeated injury as you run and jump. He told me more than I needed to know.

I didn’t care that it was latex free and doesn’t interfere with an athletic shoe. Furthermore, it has stabilizing straps that add to the effectiveness of the brace. He said that it is kind of like the stirrup effect of athletic taping which is an alternative to this heavier support. See how it positions the ankle at ninety degrees. Okay, so I looked. “It really saves the day,” I added and he smiled. “Yes, I guess I did pretty well in spite of my sore ankle. Let’s celebrate and go eat.” I never say no to a meal.